All you need is Love! Feelings…there is still space for love?

“All You Need Is Love,” sang the Beatles. Let the love go through our days! Just a small gesture of affection, a message to say “I think” to a friend, a little ‘of tenderness for the people we love: so love will conquer all the space it deserves, even in the darkest days .
Haste, daily tasks, work, family, news on the newspapers are a source of stress and worry. We miss some time and energy to devote to our deepest feelings, the important relationships, affection, love.
Yet a small revolution in the name of love is possible! Let’s start with small things, like to enjoy a intimate dinner with your loved one: just simple foods prepared with care and genuine and wash it all down with good wine, to enjoy a relaxed and affectionate. It ‘also nice to surprise friends and loved ones with gestures of affection: a small gift, ahomemade cake or flowers, delivered by us or made ​​to your destination with a note on which to write “I love you.” Imagine the surprise and joy of those who receive them!
Need an idea? Our floral creations inspired by the proposals and browse our site. You’ll find flowersbouquets and compositions that go straight to the heart. And if you miss the words, phrases can help us with choices for every occasion.

How to say “I love you” to someone with a flower??? 

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