February 14, Valentine’s Day: All you need is love!

hands holding rosesIf the days go by too quickly, without time for a smile, a hug, an “I love you “, then there is no doubt about it: All you need is Love! And then Valentine’s Day is near : fall in love , fall in love ! Yet , again , always !

If we are angry, tired, disappointed with everything we need is love. And ‘ affection , warmth, smiles and hugs that we need to make our day the most beautiful and rewarding . On 14 February is around the corner : the appointment with love, with heart and passion is here , just a step from us.

You just have to surrender  to your feelings , the desire to be close to those we love and who loves us , no longer put off until tomorrow . No more fear to love . Good Valentine’s Day , then! What better time to linger over and not say yes ?

And let’s say it with flowers : there is no message , feeling, passion flowers that can not express. And the flowers are at their best when we speak of love and passion , just on Valentine’s Day !

Roses, for example, if a lover gives a red rose sends a clear message . The red rose on February 14  means love , passion and absolute dedication . Just remember to remove the thorns will demonstrate a strong and passionate love , but that does not expose you to the risk of getting burned or injured by a ” spine”.

If the color of this famous flower is the rose, then the message is that of friendship , innocence and a feeling of deep and sincere . The white rose symbolizes purity , innocence , candor , while the yellow rose alludes to jealousy. And again, the rose bud is the purity of women, while the pink corolla with just blossomed pays homage to youth and femininity.

A valuable ally of the messages of love is also the tulip. An ancient Persian legend has it that the tulip was born from the drops of blood of a rejected lover . And besides, you know , ” speak of love the tulle – tulle – tulle – tullipan ” !

Other flower is the orchid messenger of love , which “speaks” of absolute dedication , passion and belonging exclusively to another. The condition of the lovers, then .

Perfect for Valentine’s Day and also the red camellia  and red carnation , both a symbol of passionate love and desire. While the flower of peach tree represents eternal love .

Feeling less carnal , more platonic and “pure” can be expressed with lilac and white rhododendron , symbols of chastity and innocence. For the nobility of feelings is the magnolia, poppy with pride , the vanity lily and rose to be a bit ‘ original and amaze is fine flower of hypericum .

To express loyalty , which for many is an inseparable with love, there are iris, gardenia, carnation , if chosen in the color white also express sincerity.

Sending flowers or gift them done in person can not be complete without a note penned with your hands : a thought from my heart , a simple sentence dictated by the feeling that motivates you make the floral tribute full of meaning . It will be a special moment unforgettable !

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