Seducing with a flower!

Even in the days of the Internet, where social networks like facebook are changing our social habits and the relationship with the world around us, the best way to seduce a woman is still to give her a flower!
Give a bouquet of flowers  shows the woman with the desire  to amaze her, the flowers gift, therefore, takes the symbol of courtship: a declaration of conquest. Never too much, but always present and discreet.
At the first appointment we recommend giving a bouquet of flowers or a bouquet of the season, preferring soft colors, avoid red roses that may be overly aggressive. Recall that the red rose, in the language of flowers, has a sense of passion, recommended to show your love.
Then, to express appreciation for the evening spent together, we recommend using a flower as a long-stemmed calla lily or a nice bouquet with orange and green flowers in season. Anyway, brightly colored but not too bright. It ‘a way to express their interestand appreciation, without being excessive.For the second meeting, it is recommended to use refined flowers, symbolizing the importance of the appointment of the evening and romantic. The symbolism is importantin seduction: small signs, gestures, smells and images to seduce the woman he desires.We recommend using exotic flowers, not excessive, or a refined bouquet with a mixture oflilies and pink roses … or a single rose to express the memory of the moments spent together.

Wine & Flowers Team

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