10 Things to do to win a woman

I wonder if there really is a recipe to win a woman. Safe, foolproof, guaranteed: it would be a perfect recipe, right? But are many different ways to do the words and gestures that trigger the affinity between man and woman.
Some suggestions, however, we can list them. Maybe not guarantee a resounding success, but at least avoid looking foolish. Here is a small guide for “10 steps to conquer a woman.”

1) Make her laugh. Hardly any woman resist the fascination of a spiritual man. In fact, women often fall in love just who makes them laugh and can find the funny side of life, with the right amount of humor. Otherwise you know what a bore!

2) Prove that smart. You do not need to be Einstein or have a degree in aerospace engineering. With the right mix of creativity, culture and presence of mind can be a pleasant conversation about common interests, finding interesting subjects and non-trivial.

3) A little ‘class. Be mindful of your posture, gestures care and be with your gallant her April the door, universal wine or water, let it sit first. And then choose your clothes carefully, interested in what she likes and listen, without making the mistake of talking too much about you.

4) Guide the game. It is never appropriate to give for granted success in conquest, but a bit of security and control of the situation can be decisive. The man of the wrist, in short, like. Without being aggressive or arrogant, of course.

5) Be considerate. Sorprendila: gifts, cards, flowers, messages are always nice, especially when they do not coincide with particular events. They make you feel special, not to mention that the “surprise factor” lowers defenses and, therefore, closer to the heart of her own.

6) Unpredictability. Try to get out of your usual patterns and savor the taste of novelty, disrupting their expectations. You will be fascinated with them and you will earn safely, looking even more attractive in his eyes.

7) Adventure. Try to make an appointment unforgettable trying out a new restaurant or a new place to visit. And if you love extreme sports, your invites her to a parachute or a session of rafting. Maybe decline the invitation, but will appreciate your initiative.

8) Be sure of yourself. It ‘important to be aware of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, so as to show the best of themselves. After you fascinated with your skills, then you can also reveal your weaknesses without fear and in all sincerity.

9) Attention. Small attentions towards her your are always appreciated: an appreciation on the new haircut or new clothes signify that you notice every detail and what you like. The same goes for flowers, messages or short phrases that reveal how you are involved.

10) The romance. Never goes out of fashion gallantry: the gesture of attention, flowers, dinner by candlelight or relaxed and intimate atmosphere are always appreciated. Be gallant, kind, caring, and never tire of it.

Add a suggestion to the list of “10 Things to do to win a woman” give flowers! In short, the gesture of offering a wreath is the perfect synthesis of all of your attention. Safety, care, intelligence, romance, unpredictability are the “voice” in a bouquet of flowers carefully chosen, whatever your choice, always speak of love and perfect understanding.

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