Women’s day seen by women

For women’s day, opinions are divided every year: there are those who think it is a consumer occasion, those who think it is unfair not to have a men’s day and those who totally oppose it, appreciate the holiday as an extra occasion to celebrate .

Aside from personal opinions, we must not forget that this holiday has a profound meaning and demonstrates the cultural, political and social achievements that women have managed to achieve, sometimes even with the help of men.

Furthermore, it has been celebrated in the United States since 1908 and in Italy since 1945, so it also has considerable historical value.

Consider that the United Nations in 1977 asked each country to establish a United Nations Day for women’s rights and for international peace and this also to respect local historical and cultural traditions, as well as to recognize the rights of women themselves.

So frivolous as it may sound, this celebration has real meaning, but what do women think about it? What does this holiday represent for them? We interviewed 10 women and collected their views.

What is the meaning of women’s day?

If when the women’S day was established it had a strong political connotation, today it is seen differently by contemporary women, for this reason we have decided to gather the opinions of some women.

That’s what women’s day means for today’s women.

  • Feminism: some women see this holiday as an act of feminism, which therefore recalls the importance of women in our society and which claims gender equality.
  • Solidarity: Women’s Day is also seen as a time to remember women’s solidarity. Too often women are distracted by jealousy, envy and rivalry, even when there is no need. For women’s day, women remember that they should be complicit in fighting the injustices that life offers.
  • Against violence: a hotly debated topic in recent years is that of violence against women. March 8 also represents a way of saying: “Love women, don’t destroy them!” This year will be even more felt following the current ME TOO movement in which women from the world of entertainment, and not, have denounced abusers all over the world.
  • Importance of friendship: as we know on this occasion, women celebrate with friends with a dinner out or an evening in a disco, it becomes a way to spend time with friends and not forget the many women who are by their side.
  • Feeling respected: even if it shouldn’t take a specific day to feel special, women see this occasion as a time to feel unique and respected. An excellent excuse to receive a mimosa and maybe a message of appreciation. It may seem a superficial and meaningless motivation but in truth, it is a way of showing women that they are often humiliated and oppressed by male figures, that there are also those who esteem them.
  • Making the world reflect: women also consider this day as a way to make everyone reflect on the social condition of the woman of the past and how things have evolved, but also how far there is still to be done.


Women’s Day is a special moment for women, but also an opportunity for men to show solidarity, affection and love. Why not use March 8 to make a nice gesture that makes them feel even more irreplaceable?

So whatever your opinion on Women’s Day, if you really admire your woman, mother or friend, prove it: have you already thought about what you will do?

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