Affiliation Programs is an e-commerce company leader in sending and delivering flowers, plants, flowers arrangements and gifts for any kind of occasion, directly to home in over 120 countries.

Declare your love, celebrate Valentine's Day, apologize to someone, congratulate yourself on your achievement, Mother's Day, a birthday, an important anniversary with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Thanks to our florists and partners on national and international scale, we send and deliver flowers and gifts throughout Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, China, USA and over 120 countries.

All deliveries of flowers and gifts are 100% guaranteed: fresh flowers and always with the highest quality, deliveries made by our local florists on time and with the utmost discretion!

We have identified some collaboration profiles as Blogs / Websites, Florists, Pickup Points and other eCommerce websites. Below are the 4 partnerships programs available:

  • Affiliation for Web Sites.
  • Affiliation for Florists.
  • PickUp Point on eFloristApp.
  • Integration with other eCommerce.

Affiliation for Web Sites

If you have a website (blog, information site and more) this is the recommended affiliate program for you! It is also free and does not imply any form of commitment: you are free to terminate the affiliation relationship at any time and at the same time all the commissions accrued on the date will be recognized.

Add value to your blog or website, thanks to the wineflowers' banners:you will receive a commission for each successful order executed by a user coming from your site within 60 days of the first visit!

The affiliation program is managed in collaboration with one of the major performance marketing companies on the international market:

On you will find different types of banners to insert on your website and start earning immediately! Subscribe to the affiliate program , join clicking here.

Affiliation for Florists

If you are a florist and wish to join our network of flowers and gifts delivery to over 120 countries worldwide, to offer an additional service to your customers, or simply start receiving orders of flowers to be delivered right away in your area, this is the solution designed for you!

PickUp Point on eFloristApp

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If you are a florist who has joined the Affiliate Program for Florists you can also become a pickup point on eFloristApp (our mobile app for IOS and ANDROID devices) to send flowers directly from the mobile phone.

What are the advantages of being a pickup point on eFloristApp? The customer has the possibility to choose your store to which to place its order, or to come directly to your flowers shop to execute the order or pick up the flowers ordered.

When the customer types the delivery location, the application highlights all the pickup points in the area and clicking on them displays the store details (with opening hours and address). The user can reach the chosen store via the mobile phone navigator!

In practice, we bring customers directly to your store! Not bad, right? The subscription to this program is totally free.

Integration with other eCommerce

This is the most advanced affiliate program available and is aimed at other ecommerce who are interested in offering our products in their online store.

We have developed an integration layer through webservices that allows, among other things: to place the order, monitor in real time the progress of the delivery, manage direct communications to the customer and much more.

To get more details about our affiliate programs, contact us emailing to:

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