Refund Policies

We pay close attention to the satisfaction of our customers, also in the management of refund or order cancellations requests which will be evaluated with the criteria set out below.

Order cancellation on customer request

The order can be canceled only if the following conditions are met:
- the customer requests cancellation prior to the scheduled delivery date;
- in the case of flowers: the order has not yet been processed by the local florist and therefore the flowers arrangement or plant gift has not yet been prepared;
- in the case of cakes: the order has not yet been processed by the local patisserie and therefore the cake has not yet been prepared;
- in the case of gift baskets: the product has not yet been sent by courier;

If the conditions for cancellation are satisfied, the relative refund will be issued by reversing the purchase transaction within 24 hours of the customer's request.

Variation of style, flowers or colors

As indicated in point 1 of the rules governing our service, flowers are arranged by artisan florists based on their creative experience and using a seasonal product subject to natural changes. Consequently, the products pictures have to be considered only indicative.

As far as the cakes: as indicated in the product page, they are prepared according to the traditions and creative experience of the local pastry shops, therefore the cakes pictures have to be considered only indicative.

At the point 5 of the terms of use it is also indicated that the florists are authorized to replace any missing flowers or colors, with others as similar as possible for the same amount, in order to guarantee delivery on the requested date. Generally in these cases, one of our consultants contact the customer to agree on the replacement of the missing product.

The customer, if unsatisfied, can submit a complaint to our Assistance and Complaints office which will evaluate the product delivered by applying the following criteria:
- Variation from 0 to 20%: tolerable variation, no refund;
- Variation from 30 to 50%: partial refund variable from 20 to 30%;
- Completely different style, flowers and colors: maximum applicable refund of 40%;

In no case the variation of style, flowers and colors will give the right to a full refund of the order.

Time slot not respected

Our service guarantees delivery on the requested date, the time slots are to be considered indicative and NOT binding. The florist will do everything possible to satisfy the request, compatibly with the other deliveries in progress. Failure to respect the time slot will not entitle you to any refund.

Exceptions are Funerals and Weddings, for which the requested time slot will be binding - only on these occasions, failure to respect the time slot will entitle you to a refund equal to 20% of the amount paid.

Delivery date or time slot not respected for products sent by courier

In this case the delivery date and time slot cannot be guaranteed as the shipment is entrusted to national express couriers, no refund will be recognized.

Failure to deliver due to florist negligence

The customer will be entitled to request and obtain the refund of the amount corresponding to the undelivered product.

Right of Withdrawal

Pursuant to and for the affections of art. 59 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal is excluded for the following goods and services:
- supply of goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly (flowers, food products such as cakes or gift baskets);
- supply of made-to-measure or clearly personalized goods;

The right of withdrawal is therefore not applicable to the products subject to our service as they are perishable and subject to natural changes. Team

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