Corporate Business Program

A successful entrepreneur knows how important it is to win over their customers with every possible attention. It is essential to put in place the best economic conditions, forms of deferred payment, concessions and benefits that build customer loyalty and favor the establishment of a lasting and profitable business relationship.

But not only. Whether you are the head of a multinational or a small business, it is important to pamper the customer with original and personalized flowers, gifts and gadgets.

A corporate gift must amaze the customer and, at the same time, present an image of the company that transmits positivity and stability over time. The occasions can be different: traditional holidays, special anniversaries or a new business just concluded, which is a prelude to new, profitable earnings.

The gift object must represent the company philosophy and convey a clear and unique message to the customer: that of wanting to meet his needs and take care of him in all circumstances.

The classic gift, the one that always hits the mark, is the floral one. The choice to donate flowers expresses respect, gentleness towards others, positive intentions. Just follow the instructions of your trusted florist and choose according to the language of flowers - always clear and effective - and deliver the desired message to your customer.

But not just flowers, we can ship and deliver gift baskets with gourmet products, for example. The typical regional products in special packages - cold cuts, pasta, taralli, sweets, preserves - are very welcome. Accompanied by one or two bottles of wine, moreover, the gastronomic specialties are real delicacies.

Dedicated Team for your Corporate gift needs

We at Wineflowers offer a dedicated team that will follow every request in order to find a gift solution suitable for business needs.


Discounts based on the volume of orders generated in the previous year.

Custom payment solutions

Payment methods to be agreed according to business needs, to be defined directly with the dedicated team.

Multiple Orders

Sending multiple orders by simply filling in an excel sheet, which allows you to have a single point to enter and monitor the management of corporate gifts.

International gift delivery

Sending and delivering corporate gifts to over 120 countries around the world.

For more details about our convention program, contact us via email by writing to:

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