Flowers available to express your congratulations!

On this page you will find some of our proposals suited to help you express your congratulations, visit our catalog available online.

Send or deliver a bouquet of flowers of a certain color, it means entrusting a first message. Choose carefully the color...

And what can be the perfect opportunity to congratulate and rejoice with someone if not the birth of a boy or a girl? The emotion is so great and this is perhaps one of the occasions when Congratulations condemn him several times: the new parents, grandparents, uncles and all the friends! Congratulations to all!

Following the growth of that child or that child just born, we could punctuate the events of their life with a long, joyful line of 'Congratulations!': The sacraments received the first examinations school and then the promotion, success in sports or dance, the license has been obtained, important anniversaries, graduation, graduation, first job and career stages.

One after another, the most important stages of life deserve a chorus of Congratulations!'. It 's nice to be able to look back just a moment and draw on the most exciting memories, or foretaste of the joys future: there will be a great new opportunity to congratulate and wish only good things to those who are dear to us.

A small gift and a bouquet of flowers are the perfect way to complete congratulations.

Giving flowers, but what to write on the message card?

If you are planning to give flowers to someone dear to you, pay close attention to the message card. As the flowers fade, but a brief written statement may live long in the memories ...

Of all the message card available on the market are to be preferred to those simple cardboard or most of a business card with its envelope. Although it may seem trivial calligraphy must be clear, because it could be very embarrassing not knowing who sent the flowers and could be equally embarrassing not to feel thanked. For this reason, once you receive flowers, roses, or plant, you should thank us ... even by simply sending a text message or telephone call.

The message card must be written without too many frills and not too quickly, avoiding if possible the empty conventional phrases. The best solution is to rely on simplicity and his heart, so avoid being stucchievoli. Because simplicity is synonymous with elegance. However, if the haste or lack of imagination put us in crisis, they may resort to the advice that our customer service.

And if the flowers were not welcome? The flowers, unlike jewelry, do not ever return! Even if they come from someone you have not liked the thought ...

The exposed flowers are a design product handmade by a florist based on a range of fresh and quality flowers. In some cases, the flowers delivered could be slightly different in shape and colours from the image, in as much as every florist is characterized by its own creative sensibility, experience and use of seasonal products which are subject to natural changes. As a result, the picture and the number of flowers can only give an indication and cannot represent exactly the product delivered by our florist.

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