Meaning of flower color

There is a flower for every color, for every feeling, for every word of your heart. Let's discover together the "colors" of feelings and emotions and flowers to give them a voice.

White, to begin with.

It is the symbol of purity, innocence and modesty. It expresses pure and sincere sentiments, it is synonymous with candor. In paleochristian art the robes of saints were painted white, of the pure of heart, of children. And it is no coincidence that white is the color par excellence of religious ceremonies: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or Marriage. A bouquet of roses, for example, is the perfect tribute to the birth of a child or a child. It is also referred to as an auspicious gift when new news is expected. A floral jewel? The white orchids: elegant, pure, sincere in their whiteness. Find out our offers of flowers in white...

Yellow is above all a direct reference to the sun.

So in light, faith, goodness and intelligence. It is also a synonym of joy and liveliness. It arouses a sensation of expansion and movement, pushes to action, to freedom. It is also the color of redemption, of sacredness, of divinity. Dark yellow instead symbolizes disloyalty, greed, betrayal, ambition, jealousy, deception and perfidy. A bouquet of yellow roses is usually associated with jealousy, while a bouquet of sunflowers recalls the warmth of the sun and a hug. Find out our offers of flowers in yellow...

Orange is a symbol of joy and happiness.

At work expresses full satisfaction for a success achieved, in love speaks of consolidated and rewarding feelings. But not only: the orange color also tells the fire, the passion, the lust, because it represents the perception of emotions from the point of view of the senses, of pleasure. A bouquet of orange flowers is a welcome floral gift for birthdays or anniversaries. Gerberas, in particular, are perfect for celebrating in joy or for a warm affectionate "message" to a loved one. Find out our offers of flowers in orange...

Pink is the color of emotions and affections.

It is a symbol of sensitivity, sweetness and expresses feelings of love and kindness. It is always associated with a happy event, a marriage or birth. It also expresses admiration and esteem. Perfect bouquet of pink flowers as a tribute to youth or a love just bloomed. Pink roses are also the right gift to express affection and friendship. Find out our offers of flowers in pink....

Red, as we know, is an expression of ardent love and passion.

But also of courage, of a strong and volitional temperament, which almost borders on anger. Dynamism, sensuality, pride, but also energy, fortitude, sexuality, revenge, blood: all the images that the red color contains in itself. Moreover, in Christian symbolism, red represents the passion of Christ, the Pentecost, the faith, the love, the power, the dignity and the cruelty of martyrdom. A bouquet of red roses is a symbol of passionate love, but a bouquet of red flowers is a symbol of strong and courageous temperament. Find out our offers of flowers in red...

Blue is the color of the sea and the sky

It is therefore a symbol of calm and tranquility. It is a color that evokes images of contemplation, harmony, serenity of mind and depth of feelings. A floral gift in shades of blue? A bouquet of bright blue roses: perfect for an intense and deep love. Among the shades of blue, also the blue, which is a symbol of difficulty and great changes. It is customary to give blue flowers in spring or in view of novelty. Turquoise, always in the shades of blue, best expresses gratification for those who deal with art or science. It is the most suitable color for graduation and diplomas. So let's go to the turquoise flowers to congratulate friends and loved ones for the goals achieved. Find out our offers of flowers in blue......

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