Flowers for All Saints in Italy

On November 1 is All Saints Day, also known as the Feast of All Saints. It is a recurrence in a single day that celebrates the glory and honor of all the saints, even those not canonized. It is a religious holiday, to be honored with a celebration in the church, and it is tradition to exchange greetings. All Saints Day is the occasion to wish a happy feast day to all, especially to those who celebrates their saint during the year.

The Catholic holiday of All Saints' Day falls on November 1

And in November 2 we will commemorate the dead. The origins of the Feast of All Saints date back to the VIII -IX, when spread in Latin Europe and then establish themselves in Rome, at the end of the ninth century. This kind of occurrences is witnessed in various denominations as early as the fourth century.

According to historical sources, the commemoration originated around 609 d. C., the conversion of the Pantheon into a church dedicated to the Virgin and to the martyrs. In the next century on 1 November became the date of consecration to all the saints of a chapel in St. Peter in 835, became All Saints' Day became a feast of obligation.

Known as the 'Festival of Samhain', All Saints Day was also celebrated in England : the Celts believed that the dead would return to the places where they lived and that is why perhaps you kept cheerful and joyous celebrations. Halloween - which is celebrated mainly in the U.S. on October 31 and in recent years we have also enjoys popularity - refer precisely to ancient traditions of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon culture.

To celebrate the feast day of All Saints and friends and loved ones, our advice is to choose a bunch of colorful and fragrant flowers, so cheer up and make more beautiful the day of those who receive the floral tribute. The flowers can be sent or delivered by hand and the result is an exchange of affection and gratitude that unites and strengthens the feelings and mutual respect.

Flowers for All Saints' Day will be so colorful and cheerful. Among the most suitable definitely include sunflowers, lilies, roses and colored chrysanthemums. If you wish to opt for a floral gift more important, it could be a perfect composition of mixed flowers and sterlizie. Usually you send flowers the same day of the anniversary to beautify the house of the recipient.

Returning to chrysanthemums, these are also the most suitable for the commemoration of All Saints and the Dead, November 2. The flowering of chrysanthemums is autumn and is just why they are always fresh and lush. Beautiful and delicate ones in shades of yellow and pink.

In the rest of the world chrysanthemums are a symbol of good and prosperity and are used for weddings, communions and birthdays. Not only that, the chrysanthemum is the official flower of Japan. By November 2, the day of the Commemoration of the deceased, are also indicated cyclamen and pansy, perfect for remembrance and affection towards our loved ones.

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The exposed flowers are a design product handmade by a florist based on a range of fresh and quality flowers. In some cases, the flowers delivered could be slightly different in shape and colours from the image, in as much as every florist is characterized by its own creative sensibility, experience and use of seasonal products which are subject to natural changes. As a result, the picture and the number of flowers can only give an indication and cannot represent exactly the product delivered by our florist.

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