Gift for the boss: 5 original ideas

Are you looking for a gift for the boss? Surely the gift depends on your boss’s tastes, interests and passions.

However, there are gifts that are suitable for everyone and for every occasion (birthday, Christmas, etc.), for this reason, we have done some research to recommend 5 original gift ideas that you can copy and share with your colleagues.

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5 gift ideas for the boss

1) DIY set “I am the boss”

This first idea is the funniest and will surely make your boss smile, what is it? Of an “I am the boss” kit, if you didn’t know, it means “I’m the boss”, in fact, on the internet there are many practical and useful objects with this writing or the like. For example, you can find mugs, socks, key chains, pens and so on. With an easy search and a few clicks you can create your own personalized set.

Reference Picture: Amazon (Simon Elvin)

Another nice idea is also to have a label printed for a bottle of wine and here you can indulge yourself in what to write.

2) Plant for the office

What could be better to restore your good mood and make the atmosphere in the office more relaxed? A plant, even if your boss does not have a green thumb, you can find a plant that does not require special attention.

What we recommend is San Severia green plant which, being a succulent plant, should not be watered much and then purifies the air and is really beautiful to look at, it can also be put on the desk.

If you decide to buy this plant on our website, the delivery will be even more spectacular! In fact, when you buy from us, the plants are delivered by a local florist and then you can also add something more. How about adding some nice balloons, a cake or a bottle of wine? In short, with WineFlowers you will make a great impression.

3) Subscriptions for food and recipes

These types of subscriptions are one of the new trends that inspire, even those who are not good at cooking, to cook with fresh ingredients and with simple and tasty recipes.

There are various companies that offer this type of home delivery service and each one is a little different, for example, Quomi sends you vegetables, fruit, milk, bread, accompanied by original recipes to be replicated by adding some ingredients. You can choose various types of subscription and then your boss can customize his orders with the recipes that most inspire him.

It is an alternative gift but definitely worth trying!

4) Subscription to newspaper or magazine

Does your boss love reading? Does your boss buy particular newspapers or magazines from time to time? So why not buy an annual subscription?

It may be helpful to have a short conversation with your boss before the final choice, so that you can choose the perfect subscription.

You can also focus on trade magazines or on management.

Don’t you think your boss will be surprised? Especially in today’s times when we often forget the pleasure of reading the printed paper.

5) Donation to a charity association

Leaving materialism aside, donating money to a charity is always a welcome gift. Do not you think? You can collect money in the office and choose who to donate the proceeds to, also based on the themes dear to your boss.

Did you like this collection of gift ideas for the boss? What do you think about it? Do you have something to add? Leave a comment.

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