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    Patricia S, 11/11/2021
teddy bear and gerberas

Product description

Wonderful bouquet of mixed gerberas and a cuddly teddy bear to cuddle, to convey affection to a loved one. n.b. the teddy bear could be slightly different in shape and colours from the image

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Specifications and Delivery

Product arranged with fresh flowers by our local affiliated florist, who will take care of the delivery of the chosen flowers directly to the given recipient's address in , in order to guarantee the requested delivery date and the quality of the product. You can also add a message to be sent with teddy bear and gerberas (Bouquets).

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The exposed flowers are an handmade design products made by our affiliated artisans florists in Italy based on a range of fresh and quality flowers. In some cases, the flowers delivered may differ from the shown picture, in shape and colours, as each florist is characterized by its own creative sensibility, experience and uses seasonal products subject to natural changes. As a result, the products pictures are only indicative and may not represent exactly the delivered product.

teddy bear and gerberas (Bouquets)

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60,00 €

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gerbera and small size teddy bear

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